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  1 Pers2 Pers3 Pers4 Pers5 Pers6 Pers
The CottageHigh Season€165€180€195€210
Mid Season€120€135€150€165
Low Season€95€110€125€140
Lavender GiteHigh Season€240€240€260€260€300€300
Mid Season€190€190€220€220€260€260
Low Season€170€170€190€190€230€230
Glycine SuiteHigh Season€200€220€235€250
Mid Season€170€190€205€220
Low Season€150€170€185€190
East RoomHigh Season€160€180
Mid Season€120€140
Low Season€100€110
Green Tomatoes RoomHigh Season€120€140
Mid Season€90€110
Low Season€70€90
Square TowerHigh Season€160€180
Mid Season€130€150
Low Season€110€130

General Conditions of Sale

  • The customer will pay the price of the stay at Ermitage via one of the available means on the website.
  • The Reservation will be definitively confirmed upon the full amount receipt otherwise the reservation offer will be considered null and void.
  • In the event of force majeure on the part of the owner resulting in the impossibility of renting the property, the entire amount paid will be refunded to the Customer, without the latter being able to claim another payment. If the customer cancels the reservation, the owner will refund the cash paid as follows: 100% for any reservation canceled up to one month before and 50% for any reservation canceled up to two weeks before the start of the stay (on a best effort basis with 2 weeks before the stay).
  • COVID: In the context of the health crisis in the event of unavailability / inaccessibility of the property, the rental period will be adapted (without any additional cost) following the availabilities of the Ermitage for a new period. In the event that no other suitable date would be available, any amount paid will be refunded.
  • The client acknowledges having received the Internal Rules of the Ermitage and complying with them during his stay there.