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Bistro du'O

Bistro du’O

Foodies will enjoy a visit to this little bistro located in the old stables of the Château de Vaison with its fine 12th century arches. Chef Philippe Zemour experiments with local, seasonal ingredients to bring you a feast for your palate. Philippe’s wife Gaëlle, compliments his fine cooking with a selection of wine from the region.

Enjoy spectacular views of the Vaison and its waterway from the O’Grill where chef Zemour and his team offer a range of local meat, seared to perfection on the grill.

Reservation is required

Address : 37 Rue Gaston Gévaudan – Vaison-la-Romaine

Telephone : +33 4 90 41 72 90


Bistro du'OBistro du'O

Bistro du'OBistro du'O